About Us

In recent years Berlin has become a hub of diversity and a home to immigrants and refugees from all over the world. At Advena CIS we help newcomers to integrate themselves economically, culturally and socially and to find safety and stability that they are seeking. We develop and carry out our own training and coaching programs that help international job-seekers to choose most suitable and viable careers and vocational trainings.


Work at our center as well as our training programs are informed by our own research that helps course participants to accomplish their vocational training and successfully launch their career in Germany. We work closely with companies in Berlin and Brandenburg to identify their needs and to align them with those of their future employees.


Dr. Jaroslava Gaidosova-Lisker

Founder & CEO


Jaroslava obtained her PhD in Sociology from the New School for Social research in New York. She taught Sociology, Gender and Cultu-ral Theories at Universities in New York, Prague and Berlin, where she designed disciplinary programs and teaching curricula for a diverse body of international students. In her research Jaroslava focuses on trans/ formations of cultural identities in Europe. She was a research fellow at numerous research projects on migration, cultural diversity and global cooperation, which were funded by Andrew Mellon, Soros and Käthe-Hamburger foundations.

Jens Lisker

Founder & COO


Jens is originally an archaeologist and since 2014 has worked in the  field of migration and refugees where he cooperated with nume-rous non-profit organizations in Ber-lin. He connects German entre-preneurs with skilled Immigrant workers who seek vocational edu-cation and employment as qualified workers in Germany. Jens forges partnerships and cooperation among various NGOs in Berlin.

Jürgen Schneider

Senior Consultant


Jürgen is a construction engineer with a longtime professional expe-rience and a member of the Asso-ciation of German Engineers. He worked as a Senior Consultant and Project Manager at the U.A.B. company where he specialized in the areas of innovation, product and change management. Jürgen has vast experience with  implementa-tion of new products.



Ahmad Al Baaj

Marketing Associate


Ahmad fled Syria in 2015 and since his arrival in Germany has worked in various voluntary organizations. He started as an interpreter from Arabic and Kurdish and later con-tinued as integration facilitator at the Office of Refugees' Council in Berlin. He also worked in several refugee shelters in Berlin and is currently pursuing his commercial training.


We are launching our project Integration Strengthens the Economy  in February. The project will connect job-seeking migrants with entrepreneurs and companies in Berlin.

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